Change the future of your region - in only 36 hours!

From 23 - 24 September 2021, you and your team get the chance to really dig deep into real-life challenges provided by local companies and other stakeholders. Ready to dive in?

Sounds interesting! Which topics will we be working on?

The overall theme of the E³UDRES² Hackathon will be "Smart & Sustainable Regions" - a topic E³UDRES² is very much focusing on in its work. There will also be three subtopics:

  • Circular Economy

  • Wellbeing & Active Ageing

  • Human Contribution to Artificial Intelligence

Challenges from these thematic areas will be provided by local stakeholders and it's then up to you to find the most promising solution together with your team.

Programme & details

More details about the programme of the 36-hour Hackathon coming soon!

Key Facts

  • Time & Date: Thursday, 23 September 2021, 13:00 (CEST) – Friday, 24 September 2021, 23:59 (CEST) / 36 hours

  • Format: Virtual event (Computer, Webcam, Microphone and stable internet connection needed during the full event)

  • Language: English

  • Team size: 6-8 persons per team

  • Fees: Participation in the E³UDRES² Hackathon is completely free of charge!

How can I take part in this Hackathon?

In order to take part in our E³UDRES² Hackathon, all you need to do is register using the form below. The possibility to register will stay open until 12 September 2021.

Registration E³UDRES² Hackathon 2021

Note: Please make sure that when registering for the event, "The message was sent successfully" is displayed after clicking on the "Submit" button once. Otherwise we might not have received your registration. Should you experience any troubles when registering for the Hackathon, please get in touch via office@eudres.eu .

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Institution (if applies; f. e. St. Pölten UAS)

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A Hackathon is an event where people (for example students, citizens, experts on a certain topic) work together for full 1–2 days (24/7) with the goal of coming up with solutions for real-life problems. These events can be hosted online or be on-site. In case of our 2021 E³UDRES² Hackathon, it will be an online event.

Participation in this Hackathon is open to anyone interested - no matter if you're a student, university staff or just a citizen not related to E³UDRES² and its participating institutions at all!

Due to the international nature of this event, the general common language of the E³UDRES² Hackathon is English. However, when working on the challenges in your groups, you are of course free to talk in any language you feel comfortable in!

Yes! The fun of a Hackathon lies in really digging into a topic and working on the challenge day and night. Of course there will be breaks (and you'll be able to sleep of course, if you want to), but other than that, the Hackathon will remain running until the event is officially over on 24 September.

For questions about the Hackathon, please write us at office@eudres.eu . We'll get back to you as soon as possible.